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Sensus PolluTherm Energy Calculator

Sensus PolluTherm Energy Calculator

The Sensus PolluTherm Energy Calculator for heat or cooling energy applications is widely considered the best in its class. The unique design of the Calculator ensures its flexibility whether used with the Meistream flow sensor as part of a mechanical heat meter system, or combined with an Ultrasonic flow Sensor. With its choice of power, communications and PRT options the CF range guarantees the highest level of system flexibility, reliability and accuracy. 

  • Certified to MID Class2 - Ideal for RHI Monitoring
  • Heating, Cooling & Combined Energy Applications in one integrator
  • External Communications Options
  • Mains or Battery Powered
  • Fully AMR & BMS Compatible 
  • Use with any water meter including Itron WEC, Sensus WPD or Meistream, Zenner MT range, ABB ProcessMaster, ST-VT4 Vortex meter etc.
  • Easy to use display
  • PT500 Temperature Sensors supplied with Pockets and pipe adaptors

The PolluTherm Energy Calculator is fully compatible with all of the cold and hot water meters offered by Stream (see previous page). Exceeding the requirements of PTB, DRIE and OIML to meet the CEN Standard, the CF range is ideal for District Heating Networks and Power Plants.

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