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Flow Meters for Process Gas Applications

Stream Measurement have over 30 years of experience within the food and beverage markets - largely through their supply of the Unipulse flow meter which continues to be used by most of the UK's food producers.

We also understand the very special needs of this industry - particularly when it comes to accurate and reliable batch control to ensure consistent product quality.

Whether your application is for liquid or gas, batch control or continuous flow measurement, viscous or thin - we have flow meter to suit your application. 

ST/VT Vortex Flowmeter For Air Measurement

ST/VT Vortex Flowmeter For Air Measurement

In addition to Steam and Liquid, this versitile instrument is excellent for the measurement of air....

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Sensyflow - Thermal Mass Flowmeters

Sensyflow - Thermal Mass Flowmeters

The Sensyflow range of gas & air flowmeters directly indicate the mass flow or normalised volume flow of the measured fluid......

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