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New N-Series DIN Mount Batch Controllers

Fluidwell launches the new N410 - the first product in an exciting new line

The very latest N-Series DIN panel mount batch controllers with full numerical keypad are the result of Fluidwell combining their knowledge of batch control operations with their customer and user focus. As a result the N-Series has been developed as a batch controller - focused on customer convenience.

As one might expect, the N-Series offers technical advances over all existing batch controllers and distinguishes itself by its very easy to use numerical keypad.

Easy to use and simple to install

Selecting and entering multiple pre-set values is astonishingly easy – with the display designed specifically for batch processes - at a glance the operator is aware of the indicated switch points and the actual state of the batch process. For convenience the pre-set and the actual value (with their engineering units) are displayed simultaneously.

Easy menu structure
Common with the Fluidwell F and D-Series, the new N-Series utilises the same highly regarded configuration structure - with each setting clearly indicated with an alphanumerical description - eliminating confusing abbreviations.

Unique, crystal clear, modern LCD display

The unique LCD display provides multiple batch control data at a glance. Critical information such as actual value, flow rate or batched total are displayed with 7 large (14mm) digits, whilst the preset value and units of measure are displayed with 10 smaller (8mm) segments.

A graphical indication of the batch process and relay status are displayed simultaneously and on-screen engineering units are easily configured in the configuration menu. All values are saved in EEPROM memory.

As standard the N410 is supplied with a bright backlight - ensuring easy reading during the day or night.

The N-Series is simply the perfect solution for standalone batching applications – and the compact design with a very shallow depth reduces installation costs.

Fluidwell N410 DIN Panel Mount Batch Controller

Fluidwell N410 DIN Panel Mount Batch Controller

The very latest standalone batch controller from Fluidwell

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Fluidwell N413 Batch Controller with Printer Driver

Fluidwell N413 Batch Controller with Printer Driver

The Latest addition to the N-Series family - The N413 provides all of the features of the N410 - but with the added advantage of ticket printing capability, enabling each batch to be recorded for traceability.

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