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On-site / In-situ Flowmeter Calibration

Stream Measurement’s on-site (in-situ) calibration service verifies the performance of the flowmeter within its normal operating conditions. The service not only verifies the flowmeter, but also takes into account any installation problems such as entrained air or poor installation – utilising the experience and knowledge of our test engineers to trouble shoot any measurement or metering issues, such as inaccurate batch control problems.

Many of our competitors offer an electronic verification, which merely checks the function of the flowmeter, without taking into account any of the installation effects or fluid conditions. Steam’s service provides a true flowmeter ‘wet test’ which really is the only way to understand the actual performance of the flowmeter within its application.

On-site / In-situ Flowmeter Calibration

The service requires our test equipment to be connected via hose to our customer’s application pipework with the flowmeter tested using actual application fluids which are diverted through our equipment and either back into the process or to a storage vessel for future use within the process. Using our Master flowmeters or Master Weigh scales (depending on the flow rate and technology being tested) the result can be calculated on-site, enabling your operators to adjust any control equipment, such as batch controllers or PLC’s, with the new calibration factor.

This test can be carried out on any manufacturer’s flowmeter, covering any technology, including Positive Displacement, Turbine, Electromagnetic, Coriolis, Vortex or Swirl. The nature of our equipment means that we are able to check flowmeters within any area including hazardous or hygienic.

Users of our Stream Measurement’s Unipulse flowmeters also benefit from special further discounted calibration rates - please call our process team for more details and special calibration programmess only available to Unipulse users.

  • Ensures actual flowmeter performance & proves the meter installation
  • Fully portable test equipment
  • Suitable for calibration of equipment within hazardous areas
  • Uses application fluids to ensure highest flowmeter accuracy & performance
  • All makes and types of flowmeters
  • Fully traceable service
  • Flow meter trained engineers

In-situ / On-site Flowmeter Calibration

In-situ / On-site Flowmeter Calibration

The Stream Insitu or onsite calibration service ensures the performance of the flowmeter within its.......

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