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Oil Meter Calibration

Stream’s newly refurbished oil based calibration facility is designed primarily for Mechanical Fuel Flowmeters. The facility utilises high accuracy master meters to ensure the optimum level of verification accuracy.

Ideal for flowmeters with aluminium internal parts, which could be ruined using water, the new oil based test rig adds to Stream’s already extensive range of facilities.

Oil Meter Calibration

Each flowmeter is tested at either two, three or five flow points, with the test at each flow point being repeated three times to ensure repeatability of the flowmeter (the single most important performance factor of the instrument).

Our service covers most manufacturers’ flowmeter, whether for process or energy measurement - supporting Positive Displacement and Turbine Technologies.

The service is ideal for Industrial Process, Fuel Oil, Petroleum and LPG meters.

  • Highest level of calibration accuracy and traceability
  • Ideal for Process, Energy, LPG and Fuel Oil Meters
  • Used for Positive Displacement (PD), Turbine, and Coriolis Mass flowmeters
  • Flow meter sizes 25mm to 100mm (depending on meter technology)
  • Flow rates 20lts/min to 1300lts/min
  • Fully traceable service to National Standards
  • Ideal for flowmeters containing Aluminium parts

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