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Gas Meter Calibration - Fiscal & Secondary

Adding to their product support expansion, in 2013 Stream acquired the UK gas meter repair and calibration facility from Itron Metering Solutions, providing Itron with a local repair and calibration service for their fiscal range of gas meters. The facility is now further extended to accommodate the repair and calibration of all manufacturer’s gas meters – whilst also enabling our secondary metering customers to benefit by ensuring their gas meters are tested to the same exacting fiscal standards.

Gas Meter Calibration - Fiscal & Secondary

The rigs ensure that a wide range of flow rates can be achieved, with their high capacity flow-rig providing one the highest UK capacities – enabling flowmeters up to 400mm to be verified. Whilst predominantly used for the testing of Rotary Piston (RPD) and Turbine meters, the rigs can also be utilised to verify most flowmeter technologies, using air as the test medium, achieving flow rates from 0.3 to 3120m3/Hr.

The Facility & Equipment:
Designed for the fiscal calibration of gas meters this test facility is fully environmentally controlled, whilst the testing of standard gas meters is automated to achieve the highest test standards are maintained.

The test equipment includes:

Bell Prover: regarded as the standard for gas meter calibration, used primarily for the testing of Diaphragm, RPD and Ultrasonic meters. Fully traceable to National Standards the system is fully automated and electronically controlled to ensure the highest level of accuracy and test repeatability.

High Capacity Flow Rig: used to test large gas meters and regulators. The rig can accommodate meters upto 400mm (16") in size and can be used to verify many meter technologies including Turbine and RPD.

  • Flowmeter sizes 4mm to 400mm
  • Official repair, refurbishment & calibration centre for Itron
  • Suitable for Diaphragm, RPD, Turbine, Vortex and Thermal Mass Flow Meters
  • Fully traceable service to fiscal standards
  • Highest level of calibration accuracy and traceability - Used for Fiscal Verification
  • Repair, maintenance and refurbishment service
  • Special quick turnaround repair & calibration service for Itron meters
  • Collection & Delivery arranged with 24hr turnaround for scheduled meters

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