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Water Monitoring & Datalogging

Water monitoring to reduce consumption and improve energy efficiency is a key responsibility for both commercial users and government - Minimising consumption not only demonstrates social responsibility, but reduces business costs.

Understanding your consumption profile of how, when and where water is being used provides the necessary information to manage and reduce consumption.

Dataloggers record continuously to map water use, misuse and leakage – identifying where reductions and savings can be made.

Watermind goes further in providing information on the meter performance to establish meter condition. WaterWatch goes further in
providing control functions to allow a predetermined volume of water to be used in a period time – ideal for compliance with water abstraction monitoring and applications where water can only be taken from the main supply at certain times of the day.

Stream WaterWatch - Abstraction Control System

Stream WaterWatch - Abstraction Control System

WaterWatch is designed to accurately control and record the volume of water abstracted from a water course – whether for irrigation, agriculture or industry. With an inbuilt real-time clock WaterWatch allows a controlled amount of abstraction in a 24 hour period.

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WaterMind Logger for DataLogging from Multiple Metering Points

WaterMind Logger for DataLogging from Multiple Metering Points

WaterMind’s innovative concept is based on the processing of accurate meter information into intelligence that is directly usable by the utilities to protect their......

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