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Meter Calibration & Repair Services

In-situ (On-site) and in-house UK flow meter calibration & repair

Stream Measurement have spent the last ten years developing and investing in a very specialised product and calibration portfolio. We have both the equipment and the ability to provide the perfect range of flow meter calibration services, wherever you are in the UK.

We cater to all markets, and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure quality testing, to both fiscal and secondary standards, with test fluids, including air, water and oil. Onsite we don't just verify your installation electronically, we actually provide a true 'wet test' service - the only way to gain a full understanding of the meter's performance..

Our in-situ testing checks the meter in its actual operating application - ensuring that no external influences are effecting the accuracy of your flowmeter system ensuring the highest service levels. Wherever you are in the UK, we'll come to you.

Keith Cooper, Technical Services Manager,
Stream Repair & Calibration Services

Decades of experience, genuine expertise

Eighty years of experience in meter calibration means that we've witnessed a multitude of application issues. We know our products back to front, inside and out. With our range of on-site and return-to- factory calibration services, as well as our 'benefit of scale' pricing scheme, we offer fast, affordable and professional solutions, even in hostile environments.

Gas Meter Calibration & Repair

Water Meter Calibration

Oil Meter Calibration

Process Meter Calibration

On Site Flow Meter Calibration

Stream's meter calibration services for the UK include:

  • Dedicated flowmeter calibration and repair facility
  • Water, Air and Oil test medium
  • Process and Energy flowmeters
  • Return to factory or On-site (In-situ) Service
  • Fully traceable certification
  • Onsite trouble shooting / consultancy services
  • Site flow meter surveys
  • Flow meter loan & rental service
  • On-site flow meter commissioning
  • Troubleshooting consultancy service

Compliance & Reliability

As you would expect from an independent organisation proud of its quality of service, Stream is dedicated to absolute accuracy and reliability. The growing need for accuracy, coupled with the essential need for consistent, comparable standards make flow meter calibration an essential element of your business.


Gas Meter Calibration & Repair

Gas Meter Calibration - Fiscal & Secondary

Stream's extensive meter solutions facility ensures our customers are offered one of the highest capacity flow-rigs in the UK. Our facilities enable flow meters of up to 400mm to be verified.

Whether you're using a Rotary Piston (RPD), Turbine meters, or a different form of flow meter technology, from any manufacturer, our state of the art facility utilises air as a test medium in order to achieve flow rates from 0.3 to 3120m3/Hr.

Gas Meter Calibration

Gas Meter Repair & Refurbishment

Stream's exceptional working relationship with Itron ensures we are not only a completely independent test facility, but also fully equipped to provide the highest quality of gas meter repair and refurbishment services.

We offer local UK repair services that are exceptionally good value, and actively save our customers money by increasing the longevity of their products and preventing the need for meter replacement.

With the ability to cater to a range of meters, including Elster and VemmTec meters, we're here with all the repair services and advice you need.

Gas Meter Repair & Refurbishment

Water Meter Calibration - Fiscal & Secondary

With the acquisition of Itron Metering Solutions' water test facility in 2012, Stream became one of the UK's largest calibration service providers. Our high-volume rig is capable of testing meters of up to 8”, with the capacity to test as many as 45 small water meters simultaneously. It's perfect for verifying water utility meters to MID or BS5728, and providing full test rig traceability back to UKAS, with calibration to National Standards.

Water Meter Calibration

Oil Meter Calibration

Our dedication to excellence recently prompted a full refurbishment of Stream's oil-based calibration facility, which boasts high accuracy master meters devoted to ensuring optimum verification accuracy. The facility is perfect for flow meter calibration on parts containing aluminium components, which could be ruined by tests conducted with water.

Oil Meter Calibration

Process Meter Calibration

Trusted by some of the world's leading manufacturers in Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Paints, Automotive and Petroleum processes, and more, here at Stream we have established ourselves as the go-to experts for all your process meter calibration needs....

Process Meter Calibration

On Site / In Situ Flow Meter Calibration

By verifying your flow meter's performance within the context of its normal operating conditions, our on site calibration service authenticates both your meter and any potential installation problems. Our highly experienced engineers are on-hand to troubleshoot any and all issues, providing a superior service that far exceeds electronic verification.

On Site Flow Meter Calibration

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