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Flowmeters, Indicators & Accessories

At Stream, we understand that every metering scenario is different. Every one of our clients needs a bespoke solution, so offering a huge range of products is an essential part of providing the comprehensive service we’re proud of.

You can view a variety of products in our latest catalogues (below) or hit the link (left) that best fits your need.

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Stainless Steel Y-Type Strainers

A Variety of Meter & Indicator Technologies

Specifically for the measurement and batching of industrial process fluids, our full product range of meters include both Mechanical and Electronic technologies:

  • Positive Displacement
  • Turbine
  • Electro-magnetic
  • Coriolis
  • Massflow
  • Vortex
  • Swirl

Our products suit fluid viscosities ranging from Alcohol to Molasses, for use within any industrial process application.

We highly recommend speaking with one of our team before deciding on a technology to fit your situation. Hit the button to get in touch:

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Support Systems & Instrumentation

To support our flowmeter range, we offer an extensive choice of Batch Systems and Instrumentation - along with the most complete range of fully traceable flowmeter support programs including Repair, Maintenance and Calibration.

Repair & Calibration

Why choose Stream for your flowmeter / indicator need?

You can trace our brand heritage over 80 years of successful trading. We now supply flow meters and support services to some of the biggest manufacturers in the UK.

Here’s some key points in our journey to becoming a leading UK flowmeter & flow indicator distributor:

  • 2016: Two new market experts join the sales team to support Stream's continued growth

  • 2013: Stream acquire Itron's UK gas meter calibration & operate as Itron's UK service centre

  • 2013: Appointed Fluidwell distribution partner for UK and Ireland

  • 2012: Stream acquire Itron's UK water meter calibration facility

  • 2011: Southern Sales Office Opens

  • 2008: Stream acquire the business of GJ Electrical (meter calibration)

  • 2006: Awarded exclusive UK distribution of Sensus Water & Heat Meters

  • 2003: Awarded ISO9001

  • 2002: Stream acquire the business of Taylor Meter Services (meter calibration)

  • 2001: Stream purchase assets of Advanced Energy Products Ltd (Nottingham) and are appointed as UK distributor for Schlumberger water & heat meters (now Itron)

  • 2000: Appointed as UK master distributor for Schlumberger gas meters (now Itron) for the UK and form alliance with ABB to become specialist flow partner for the sale and support of ABB flowmeters

  • 1999: Andy Maber & Nigel Bradbury undertake a management buyout of Schlumberger’s Measurement Division Europe (formerly Neptune - established in 1928) and form Stream Measurement Ltd. Stream become exclusive distributor for Neptune process flowmeters covering the UK and Europe

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