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Stream Measurement Support the Building Schools for the Future Initiative.....

Date: 23.04.2010

Stream Supports Building Schools for the futureBuilding schools for the Future (BSF) is a strategic approach to capital investment in school buildings that will create the environment for the current Government’s agenda of educational transformation. One hundred and eighty schools across England are befitting from over £2 billion of investment into school buildings. Stream has been successful in securing supply of energy metering equipment to some of these projects.
The builds are being managed by the Local Education Authorities and selected partners who have prioritised areas to receive investment; develop innovative and effective models to streamline procurement and create long-term Public Private Partnership to deliver the programme. Stream are pleased their extensive in-house metering knowledge is being deployed to enhance the progressive energy saving initiatives that the meters are measuring.
Under the BSF scheme, every child will be educated in a 21st Century environment within 15 years. Schools will be rebuilt, remodelled or upgraded to provide flexible, inclusive, attractive learning environments that teachers want to teach in and pupils want to learn in. The schools will have high quality facilities and integrated information technology to help deliver personalised learning tailored to the needs, interests and aptitudes of every child.
Building Schools for the FutureAn integral theme running through BSF is the increased focus on reducing carbon emissions with an increased use of IT to monitor energy consumption – Stream has been able to work closely with the contractors in meter choice to facilitate this and ensure the services to the new buildings are future proofed with meters that are either communicating data or able to do so retrospectively.
Michael Brawn at DeskMichael Brawn – Sales Manager for energy metering at Stream said of the initiative

“Stream is so pleased to be involved in this scheme; to know our knowledge and products will benefit millions of students for year to come by providing environmentally sound and energy efficient buildings for them to nurture their knowledge in, has to be a great thing”

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