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Stream Offer LON Works compatible Heat Metering

Date: 24.03.2010

The team at Stream Measurement is excited at the latest offering from their heat energy metering Portfolio – LONworks. LONworks is a networking platform specifically created to address the needs of control applications, it is ideally suited to multiple metering points and their integration into building management systems (BMS)
LONworks provides meter manufacturers with open, off-the-shelf chips, operating systems, and parts to build products that offer  improved reliability and flexibility, lower system costs, and higher performance when compared with traditional methods such as Radio, Mbus etc. The increased deployment of LONworks is a massive step for the industry in making remote reading a norm rather than the exception.
Stream of Oldham is widely recognised as a major player in the Uk non-utility metering supply sector. With over 10 years of commodity and system expertise, Stream has extensively been involved in a number of projects across the UK where multiple water, gas or heat metering points have been installed into residential, commercial or industrial applications. Stream is a Master Distributor for Actaris (now Itron) and it is their heat meter range that now has a LONworks module, the LonWorks module creates a wide reaching communications option for the CF echo range of ultrasonic heat meters and more importantly the CF55 calculator which hooks up to a wide range of flow sensors to calculate energy consumption in hot and chilled water applications.
LONWorks technology is accelerating this trend towards easier and cost effective data transfer by providing interoperability, robust technology, faster development, and scale economies. Devices in a LonWorks network communicate through a control network specific protocol originally created by Echelon. The protocol was ratified as an official standard by a number of national and international standards setting bodies, including ANSI, IEEE, CEN, and EN. In January 2009, the protocol underlying the LonWorks platform was ratified as a global standard for building controls. It is now formally known as ISO/IEC 14908-1.
The ISO/IEC14908-1 protocol provides a set of services that lets a device's application program send and receive messages to and from other network devices — without needing to know the network topology or the other devices' names, addresses, or functions.
The protocol can optionally provide end-to-end acknowledgement of messages, authentication of messages, and priority delivery to provide bounded transaction times. Support for network management services lets remote network management tools interact with devices over the network, so they can:
  • Configure network addresses and parameters
  • Download application programs
  • Diagnose network problems
  • Start/stop/reset device application programs
Andy Maber of Stream said of the latest developments - 
“Customers have been asking about LONworks for a number of years, but to now get a compatible product for the residential and commercial market opens up so many doors for full integration into BMS for our entire heat meter range. Specifiers and operators now can install systems that won’t outdate, become obsolete or refuse talk to each other through protocol issues; it’s a great move from our partner Actaris and one we expect the market to react favourably to”

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