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Unipulse - Still Leading the market at 30..

Date: 21.07.2009

Stream Measurement of Oldham is celebrating the success of their Unipulse Positive Displacement flowmeter range which it purchased from Schlumberger in 1999. Since its introduction 30 year ago Unipulse has maintained its lead as the industry standard for reliable, repeatable batch measurement for a wide variety of liquids. Andy Maber Director of Stream said of the Unipulse
“Its pedigree is second to none and boasts an impressive user base with many household names depending upon its reliability for maintaining the consistent quality of their products”
The simple construction of the Unipulse with only one moving part reduces the overall cost of ownership and ensures an extremely long working life. Its unique design enables field maintenance to be conducted with ease ensuring a quick return to service with minimum effect on the calibration.
Stream offer a wide range of build options, both in process connections such as RJT and Triclamp and in its materials of construction. Unipulse offers exceptional batch accuracy with any solids free process liquid with viscosities ranging from solvent to molasses.
Unipulse from Stream – the leading flowmeter for batch measurement.

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