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Uk’s Newest Commercial Port Deploy Bulk Water Meters

Date: 20.03.2009

Stream Measurement of Oldham have recently supplied a number of WPD Helical Vane Turbine style meters to Portland Port in Castletown, Portland, Dorset.

The meters are being used by the port to allocate costs against ships that take on water whilst using their harbour facilities. Portland Harbour has been a strategic military location since the time of King Henry VIII in the 16th Century. Construction of the modern harbour began in 1849 when the Royal Navy created a breakwater to the south of the anchorage, made of blocks from local quarries on the Isle of Portland. This was completed in 1872 and provides protection from south-easterly winds.

Portland Port has the second largest man made harbour in the world, situated 22 miles north of the westerly shipping lanes and on the main maritime trade routes allowing fast, safe access 24 hours a day. There are no restrictions by locks, tides, beam or air draft and the port’s well sheltered waters with depths up to 20m in the outer harbour and up to 15m in the inner harbour. Since the departure of the Royal Navy from Portland Port in 1996, the port has developed into a thriving facility combining its vast natural assets with the full range of services demanded in today’s maritime market.

With an upturn in the cruise market a number of liners now use the port as a departure point for a variety of cruises and as a result the need to measure and allocate water is essential, the choice of the Helical Vane style of turbine bulk meter ensures constant flow and volume with every drop being counted for ensuring fair and accurate billing. The WPD turbine meters supplied by Stream, are part of the most extensive flowmeter portfolio in the Uk which is enhanced by the in-depth knowledge and flow meter expertise Stream staff deliver to its customers.

 Hermetically sealed registered metersThe meters supplied to the port have a hermetically sealed register (IP 68) and its accuracy is guaranteed by the patented hydro-dynamically balanced rotor (≤DN 300). The register may be rotated through 360°and the meter has a high overload capability. Maintenance is eased by removable measuring element and the powder coating affords maximum corrosion protection which is essential when used in saline environments. The WPD meters can be fitted with a variety of outputs enabling automatic meter reading capability.

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