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Stream Measurement supply EMCOR with meters for nationwide prison projects

Date: 07.10.2008

Stream Measurement has recently supplied gas and water meters for a number of Prison contracts serviced by EMCOR, a global leader in mechanical and electrical construction, energy infrastructure, and end-to-end facilities services.

The HM prison contracts have included HMP Chelmsford, Bullingdon, Gartree and Swaleside. Due to the sensitive nature of the projects, innovative methods of build and commissioning have taken place at the EMCOR facility in Bristol, where modular sections of the boiler plant and metering skids have been pre-assembled and tested before shipping to site. This innovation reduces security issues, onsite disruption and allowing EMCOR to manage for their clients the supply chain. Stream Measurement play an integral part in this supply chain, not only in the provision of metering equipment but in metering knowledge and flowmeter experience, assisting EMCOR in correct meter selection to suit the application.

One of the projects, HMP Swaleside (which is built on the site of the former Eastchurch Aerodrome, where the Short brothers opened their factory), is a category B prison with inmates totaling 775. EMCOR supplied the boiler plant module for G wing utilising an MZ turbine gas meter. Stream also supplied EMCOR with Woltmann style WPD water meters for the potable water supply. All meters are pulse enabled meters allowing connectivity with the BMS (Building Management System) ensuring their clients have full control and with the added benefit of a “Catastrophic Water Failure” feature which through consumption profiling via the meters creates an alarm if irregular flow is detected.

EMCOR’s Project Manager Mike Powles said of Stream Measurement

“ Since I took over the prison projects, Stream have been the preferred supplier of the metering products as their experience and flow-metering expertise is critical in our drive to deliver a project of this nature.”,

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