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Stream Enhance Service Offering with Acquisition of ItronĀ“s UK Gas Meter Repair & Calibration Facility

Date: 29.05.2013

The highest level of product expertise and customer support are not just words to Stream Measurement. Over the last ten years the company have invested heavily to grow their product support and calibration portfolio. Complete understanding of the products they supply are paramount to ensuring that Stream continues to provide the best possible product and customer support.

Stream's New Enhanced Service

Adding to their product support expansion, Stream Measurement has just completed the acquisition of the UK gas meter repair and calibration facility from Itron (Manchester). In return providing Itron with a local meter repair and calibration service for their fiscal range of gas meters, whilst extending the service to Stream’s own energy and process customers - ensuring their gas meters are tested to the same exacting fiscal standards as the UK utilities.

Stream have always maintained a calibration offering, both in house and through their field services, however their latest acquisition ensures the greatest range of services are fully supported in-house, to the very highest traceable standards.

Earlier in 2012 Stream purchased the UK water meter test facility also from Itron. Designed primarily for the production testing of water meters, these rigs are now used by many of the UK water utilities to prove the performance and accuracy of their fiscal billing meters. Whilst still continuing the highest levels of traceability this facility has been extended to provide the accuracy verification of process flowmeters, increasing the service technology coverage to include Turbine, Positive Displacement, Electromagnetic, Vortex and Coriolis flowmeters.

Housed in a new and specifically refurbished building, with state of the art temperature control to ensure consistently accurate data, the new air based facility incorporates two major test rigs;

A fully automated Bellprover, which is widely considered the primary standard for gas meter calibration. This rig can test flowmeters with very low flowrates and provides traceability to National and European Standards. Used for the accuracy verification and calibration of Diaphragm, Rotary Piston (RPD), Positive Displacement, Vortex and Ultrasonic flowmeters - supporting flowrates from 0.3 to 40m3/Hr.

The large flow rig can be used to test low pressure gas meters and regulators, and offers one of the highest UK flowrate capabilities for meters from 50mm to 400mm in size and flowrates from 5m3/Hr to 3120m3/Hr – again with traceability to National and European Standards - making the rig ideal for Turbine, Vortex, Swirl, Ultrasonic and Thermal Mass technologies.

The Stream test engineers operating the facility have been evaluated as approved meter testers which enable Stream to provide a fiscal meter repair and calibration service.  

In-House Flow Meter Calibration Repair

Stream’s special relationship with Itron (both formally part of the Schlumberger Group) means that Stream can provide a full meter repair and refurbishment service for all Itron meter technologies including RPD (QD, Delta and PCC) and Turbine (MZ, TZ, Fluxi and MTS), covering Primary (Fiscal) and Secondary meters, whilst the test rigs can be utilised to accuracy test and calibrate any manufacturers flowmeters.

Complementing their flowmeter offering, the latest acquisition means that Stream Measurement now provide a complete range of calibration services, utilising either Air, Water or Oil as the test medium – all fully traceable to National and European Standards – ensuring their product knowledge and expertise whilst providing customers with the most comprehensive service and support.  


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