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This section of the website is an area for you to find relevant information concerning all things flowmeter!

As topical items occur, Stream will endeavour to provide information to aid your specification and selection of metering products. This service supports the wealth of industry knowledge we impart every day through our technical sales and support teams via the phone, email or on site - if there are burning topics you would like us to cover please feel free to call or email us with suggestions.

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What is a flowmeter?

A flowmeter (or flow meter / flow indicator / flow gauge depending on industry) is simply defined as a device used to measure the speed at which a gas or liquid is moving through a pipe.

This definition is deceptively simple, as the method with which that flow is measured varies greatly from application to application. Nevertheless, the definition is always applicable.

The basis ethos that we follow today is based on the statement from Lord Kelvin (1824 -1907) who stated ‘what you can measure you can manage’.

If we don’t measure accurately then how can we possible expect to manage accurately. To achieve this the flow meter becomes the most important element in any measuring, monitoring or batching system.

How do flowmeters work?

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a ‘universal’ flow meter.! Every application needs to be assessed to understand which metering technology will be best

There are essentially two measuring techniques for flow:

Volumetric Only offered through positive displacement meters measure the actual volume of fluid. As volumetric flowmeters are not affected by turbulent flow there is no need for straight pipe lengths or conditioners. Best technology for low flow rates.

Only Positive Displacement flowmeters offer Volumetric measurement technology where the measurement is inferred via a mechanism that measures velocity. For this technique, laminar flow is required upstream & down stream of the flowmeter which can be achieved with straight pipe length.

Velocity Technologies Include:

  • Turbine (Helical Vane, Single Jet, Multijet)
  • Electromagnetic (Mag)
  • Ultrasonic

For advice on what each technology involves and which would be suitable for you, click the link above or hit the button below to speak with an expert immediately:

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Useful Documents




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