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Flowmeter applications and uses across a wide range of UK industries

Flowmeter Industry Applications

Flowmeters are used across many key UK industries

At Stream Measurement, we deliver our expertise, products and support services to clients in a variety of industries.

Wherever industrial processes exist, we operate alongside - providing reliable solutions to accurately measure flows, whatever the constraints or engineering requirements.

Below is a selection of industries our products operate in. Click the button to select your industry:

Batch Control Chemical Food & Beverage
Pharmaceutical Pulp & Paper Steel & Ceramics

Versatility & Expertise

Providing flow metering solutions across a broad variety of industries is not without its challenges. Every manufacturing and industrial process is different; with varying conditions, pipe characteristics and fluid viscosities.

Which is why the expert advice of a flowmeter provider is often essential. Stream provide that expertise from the point of view of both distributor and manufacturer, ensuring intimate knowledge of our products and their suitable uses.

Exacting standards

Engineers need safe, accurate and reliable equipment as their processes demand exacting standards. Stream match these and in most, exceed customer expectation - whether it be by service or product performance.

Our extensive product portfolio is matched by the team's dedication to providing flowmeter solutions across a range of industries. After-sales support is a huge part of what we offer and we also offer in-depth support over the phone or on-site through the calibration and services team.

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